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Our Mission

Help players take their game to the next level and reach their potential.


We help develop fundamental technical skills such as:

  • Ball control in tight spaces with different surfaces,

  • Dribbling at speed and changing direction, 

  • Using Variety of 1v1 skills

  • Receiving and finishing from different situations such as 

  • Volleys, headers, 1 touch and off the dribble...with and without pressure.

In addition, we help players: 

  • Increase speed of play

  • Dominate off the ball movement 

  • Awareness of space, defenders and teammates

  • Improve different areas of their mental game.


We offer a variety of services such as 1-on-1s, small groups, as well as large groups and team sessions.


We have an experienced coaching staff that is professional, friendly, and patient.

Still holding players too high standards and holding them accountable.


Over the past 3 years we’ve built one of the best soccer specific training facilities in the country 

and develop one of the most detail oriented programs to help players.


No matter what level you’re at as a player, we are confident that we can help you get better.


Stage 4

Mastery of stage 1,2 and 3 + consistent successful moments of the following concepts

  • Consistently having a quality final product with speed and pressure.

  • Being dynamic, unpredictable and deceptive with decisions and movements.

  • Being able to anticipate opponent and teammates movements and decisions.

  • Being highly composed and executing most technical actions.

  • Being able to go outside of comfort zone physically and emotionally.

  • Being a leader and making other players better. 

  • Having a high level of agility and body control.

Stage 3

Mastery of stage 1 and 2 + consistent successful moments of the following concepts

  • Finishing from various situations. 

  • Passing from various and game like situations

  • Learning advanced passing techniques such as pinging, crossing, outside of the foot, one touch, back-heels.

  • Having functional awareness of space, teammates and defenders.

  • Understanding how to increase their speed of play with proper technique.

  • Understanding how to anticipate and make good decisions based on the situation.

  • Using body feints, being creative and deceptive.

  • Learning to be calm and composed while executing technical actions.

Stage 2

Mastery of stage 1 + consistent successful moments of the following concepts

  • Striking the ball with laces and inside of the foot.

  • Having good passing technique and mechanics and having a good understanding of how to make good passes to teammates. 

  • Being creative with 1v1 skills, Using body feints and performing them with purpose and with speed.

  • Building basic awareness (space, defenders, teammates)

  • Receiving: Understand various receiving techniques such as with the back foot, front foot, outside of the foot, behind the foot, hook turns, dummy, negative touches.  

  • Being comfortable Receiving out of the air, bad passes, on the run.

  • Creating space and opportunities with movement and 1v1 skills.

Stage 1

  • Controlling ball with all surfaces, sole, inside, outside, laces, rolls, pulls etc..

  • Dribbling with laces, changing direction while dribbling 

  • Understand and perform fundamental 1v1 skills (Turns, Cuts, V’s, Rolls, Pulls, Spins)

  • Fundamental passing and receiving mechanics

  • Fundamental Agility Balance, Coordination and proprioception. 

  • Introduction to juggling…popcorn juggles etc…

Development Stages

  • Founder of Evolution Performance Training, a performance training program focused on technical, mental and and physical development of soccer players.

  • 6 Years of experience training over 500 players from the USL championship, NISA, USL 1, USL 2 NCAA D1-D3, NAIA MLS Next and all levels of club soccer. 

  • Played for Michigan Stars (NPSL) in 2019, Detroit Union FC(MWPL) and Flint City Bucks.

  • Played at the University of Detroit Mercy (NCAA D1) from 2014-2019. 

  • Michigan ODP State Team (2012).

  • 2012 ODP Region II regional Champion. 

  • Played For Vardar U.S. soccer Development Academy (now known as MLS NEXT) in 2014.

  • U.S. Soccer Development Academy National Quarterfinals.

  • Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering (Detroit Mercy, 2019)


University of Detroit Mercy


Founder & Lead Trainer

  • 2 years of experience training over 200 players from the USL championship, NISA, USL 1, USL 2 NCAA D1-D3, NAIA MLS Next and all levels of club soccer.

  • Played at Rochester University from 2016-2021. 

  • Played for LK St. Clair, Inter Detroit, Detroit Union (MIPL,UPSl,MWPL).

  • High School First Team All Conference Honorable Mention Fall 2014-2015.

  • US Development Academy Developmental Player 2014-2016

  • Michigan Youth Soccer State Cup Champions; US Youth Soccer Region II Champion 2012.

  • US Youth Soccer National Championships (3rd Place) 2012.

  • Michigan State and US Region II Olympic Development Program 2008-2012.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Sports Management (Rochester University, 2022)


Rochester University

AJ Santavy

Lead Trainer & Facility Operations

  • Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems 

  • Specialization in Business Analytics

  • Played for LK St. Clair (2017-2019) (MIPSL)

  • Played for Rochester College (NAIA D2) from 2017-2019. 


Oakland University

Christian sipley

Trainer & Administrative Operations

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